Indian Beach

Indian Beach/Ecola State Park in Oregon is near Cannon Beach and is an exposed beach break that is often working.

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Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach enjoys a busy surfing scene and is one of the most convenient places on the Oregon Coast to learn to surf.

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Nelscott Reef

On the biggest days of the season, Nelscott Reef breaks about a mile offshore from Canyon Drive Park, in Lincoln City, Oregon. The massive open ocean swells are generated during the winter months.

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Bastendorff Beach

Bastendorff Beach is a south coast favorite. With three breaks to check, it makes for a must stop on your morning surf spot check.

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Port Orford

Port Orford bay is a sweeping, south-facing cove surrounded by dense woods, rivers and lakes. It has two good surfing spots, especially when the northwesterlies are blowing.

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