Surf Lessons

At Bahama Boards in Cannon Beach we offer Surf lessons 7 days a week all year round. We offer advanced surf lessons as well as beginner lessons. We can set up a private session with either 1 or 2 instructors based on the size of your group. Or you can join in a public group class.

Adaptive surf lessons available at no charge. Availability is limited and some folks may take more planning than others so contact us and we can evaluate the best set up.

(All of our Instructors are trained in CPR and some are lifeguard certified instructors)

We also offer lessons with Anthony Tashnick so let us know if you would like him to be your instructor.

Our pricing structure includes gear rental. 

For 1 person it’s $120 for a 90-120 minute lesson. Groups of 4 or more we will do at $100 per person

Please send us an email or call to set up an appointment! 503-607-9600